Friday, August 16, 2013

Crafting a Nest for My Little Birdie

Wow!  It's been a long time since I've visited the ole blog!  2013 has been an incredible year with lots of changes for our family starting on January 4th with the birth of our new baby girl, Cora!  What a wonderful little blessing she is to our family.  We were able to celebrate last month as we finalized her adoption in court.  We couldn't be more blessed with our two girls!

And here it is, August.  She is 7 months old and I have FINALLY put the final touches on her room.  It's been a fun expression for me to make the linens and decor for both of my girls' rooms.  It was just a little hard to carve out time to get it all done this time around with not only a new baby, but an active 2 year old as well.  But I thought it high time to get busy and get it done.

I picked out fabric last December and actually sat down on January 3rd and cut out all the pieces I needed to sew her bed skirt and curtain.  She was due January 18th so I was giving myself a congratulatory pat on the back as I went to bed that night because I knew I was going to get it DONE before she was born.  Well...we got the surprise call the next morning that her birth mother was in labor and few short hours later Cora was born.  Crafting aside....we frantically packed to head to Oklahoma for who knows how long to meet our little sweetie!

Two weeks later the four of us were back home and in down time we started to put together her room.  My wonderful and talented hubby had fortunately done some painting already while Olivia and I were gone one weekend.  He painted the awesome striped wall in her room.  At that point we didn't know whether to expect a boy or girl so we went with grey and white for the paint.  We also had a crib thanks to a friend who graciously gave us her crib.  I actually made the yarn wrapped letters while we stayed in Oklahoma for two weeks waiting for the state to tell us we could take Cora back to Texas.  Trying to take advantage of nap time while staying with friends!

We also got some special gifts made by Cora's Mimi and Nana to add to her room.  Jody's mom made her an adorable little stroller crib to match her room and my mom made the elephant wall hanging.  The bottom elephant is daddy elephant who is cradling baby Cora elephant in his trunk.  Then mama elephant in the middle and Olivia elephant on top!  They are both such special keepsakes for her to treasure forever from her grandmothers.  And both so cute!

I also had been given my great grandmother's hoosier cabinet which I decided would make a unique and interesting changing table.  It doubles as a great heirloom piece with practical functionality.  I just cute-i-fied it with some removable vinyl clings I found to match.  One of a kind changing table and storage...DONE!

So all the pieces were slowly but surely getting done and I was loving the way it was coming together.  I had the crib skirt and curtain, done some pillows and bed skirt for the day bed, some matching elephant wall art with left over fabric along with some handy Thirty-One bins for storage.


All I had left was what to do on the wall over her bed.  I thought I had found the perfect inspiration for a mobile made out of chandelier crystals and fishing line on Pinterest.  I even sat down to work on it a few times, but just wasn't feeling inspired.    Then I met a woman named Sheila Bird at a craft fair I was working who does AMAZING canvas art with quotes.  I ordered a beautiful canvas with the scripture "For this child I have prayed" imprinted on it.  Then with the gifting a little shelf from my mom and some sheers I already had, that wall started to come together.  Just the other day I found a pinterest inspiration for a new mobile (which I'll blog how I made that next).  With all those pieces in place, I had her room completed! 

I threw the rag quilt I made for her 7 month pictures on the end of the day bed and felt tremendous relief for everything to be done!  It's taken more than 7 months, but we have a finished room now.  Hopefully it will last several years before she decided she doesn't like it!  

So our newest birdie finally has a furnished nest and I had a blast dreaming and creating it for her.  I hope some day she realizes it is an act of love.  For I do love her more than all the work or all the little bits of fabric that went into it.  And I pray in that space she dreams, schemes, laughs, and develops a wonderfully creative and exploring mind.  But most of all, I hope in that space God crafts in her a heart like Christ.  That is my best dream for her!

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